November 2018 Newsletter

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to thy name, O Most High; to declare Thy loving kindness in the morning, and Thy faithfulness by night.”
Psalm 92: 1-2

These verses reminded us of all the opportunities the Lord has given us and you to minister to couples. Great is His loving kindness and faithfulness to us as we serve Him.

Here are some comments from the two Estes Park getaways where there were 1119 conferees in attendance.

“It really inspired us to fight for our marriage, to work toward oneness, make God our focus, strengthen our commitment to one another and change our legacy.”

Wife, married 3 years

“This retreat saved our marriage 15 years ago! Praise the Lord! Since then we have come to know & walk with Jesus! Amen! We believe in this Weekend & sponsor a new couple every year. We learn something new every year & believe in having the tools to fight Satan& grow stronger& closer to God as a united couple. Thank you for all you do to prepare this Weekend!”

Husband and Wife, married 19 years

Because of your prayers and financial partnership you are helping us to minister to couples like these. Linda and I are so thankful for your faithful partnership. God has used your gifts and prayers to reach, build, and equip families for Him.

We still have St. Louis this fall and are scheduled for four getaways this spring. One of the spring getaways will be a brand new event in Redondo Beach, CA. We will also be attending our staff conference in Fort Collins, CO this next summer. This is a required event for all Cru staff.

We need your help!!!

We know many of you give special gifts or increase giving at year-end. We would deeply appreciate your consideration of our ministry in your year-end giving. A substantial amount of our annual support comes in during December, so this is a crucial time for our ministry.
For Linda and I to be fully funded, salary, reimbursable expenses (medical, dental, and ministry supplies) and enough in our account for two months in case of emergency, we need to raise an additional $500 in monthly support.

If you have fallen behind on your pledge would you prayerfully consider making up the amount by the end of the year? Also, would you please consider giving an extra year-end gift, to help with some additional medical expenses and to start the new year out strong?

If God is directing you to help, please make your check payable to: Cru and mail it to our home address.

Thanks for considering this request, investing for eternity, and helping more couples choose life for their marriage.

All for His glory,

Mark and Linda